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Save on Car insurance in Chicago

Close your eyes, think hard about a gift you would be excited to receive. Now open your eyes- raise your hands if your fantasy present was auto insurance. I understand, there are things you want to buy, and things you need to buy; which makes an even greater reason to save on car insurance.

1. Check your options: The rate on car insurance can vary greatly from company to company, and the one that has the lowest price on one situation, can have the highest price on another. There are carriers that will add 20% for a young driver, others will triple the rate. Your car might be surcharged (receive an increased price) with one company, but not another. At Urban Insurance Agency we are licensed with many different companies in order to find you the best match allowing you to save on car insurance.

2. Ask how much you can save changing to a higher deductible. A deductible is the amount you have to pay in the event of a loss. The larger the deductible, the lower the premium charged for the same coverage. To shift to a higher deducible to save a few bucks makes no sense; but I have seen cases where a customer would need to file two claims a year just to equal the money they saved by the change.

3. Before buying that hot new car, check out how much it will cost to insure it. Car dealers are all too happy to sell you that shiny, option-filled auto on their showroom. Too often we are contacted by people who are now the proud owner’s of a car that costs more to insure than they budgeted. At Urban we are happy to work with you by pricing insurance for multiple cars that are on your list; so you can make an informed decision.

4. Get the discounts you deserve. Do you own your home, have prior insurance, or have a good driving certificate? Does your car have an alarm; is it parked in a garage? These and many other factors can lower the cost of your auto insurance. While we will ask you questions looking for discounts, make sure to notify us of anything you think might provide a discount but was not covered by our questions.

5. Price out switching to liability on older cars. Simple truth, insurance works best when covering you from major losses. If your $30,000 car suffered a total loss, without insurance, few people could afford to just write a check to replace it. However when the value of your car falls below $5,000 it could make sense to switch to liability only.
No one likes paying for insurance; so it simply make sense to look for ways to save on car insurance.


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Urban Insurance Agency has been helping customers save money on their Illinois car insurance  for more than 59 years.
We represent a collection of over 20 seperate car insurance companies to help find you the lowest price on your auto insurance.

  • We feature SR22 Filings at the Lowest Rates in Chicago!
  • Poor Credit or No Credit is Never a Problem!
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We offer the lowest car insurance quotes in Chicago on SR-22 filings, SR22 car insurance, non-owners, liability insurance
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We can often start Car Insurance for less than $40.

Urban Insurance Agency also offers Insurance for:
Tow Trucks, Messengers, Long and Short Haul Trucking, Life Insurance
, Motorcycle Insurance,Home-Owners Insurance, Medical Transportation.

We offer preferred car insurance rates for low risk drivers, good student discounts and renewal discounts.
Our agents are here to help you with any of your insurance needs and questions. You can contact us at 312-664-8088

Urban Auto Insurance sells car and SR-22 insurance in Illinois and Indiana . When shopping for Automobile rates, it’s important to know that we have over 59 years experience helping drivers save money on car insurance, while providing the personal care and attention that our customers have grown to expect.


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