SR22 Illinois

States Requiring SR22 Insurance

If you are required to carry SR22 Insurance in your current state and move to a state that does not require it, you must continue to carry SR22 Insurance with the same minimum liability limits until you've met the term in your former state (usually three years). So, even if you move to a state that requires SR22 Insurance, but at lower liability limits - you'll be required to maintain the higher l...
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Ofrecemos Certificados de SR22 el mismo dia

Agencia de seguros Urban entiende las necesidades de los clientes del seguro SR22. [caption id="attachment_765" align="aligncenter" width="550"] Ofrecemos Certificados de SR22 el mismo dia[/caption] Si usted está obligado a presentar una SR22 la agencia de Seguros Urban puede hacer todas sus notificaciones necesarias a la Secretaría del Estado. Podemos presentar los formularios de forma elec...
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The Illinois Text Messaging Ban

Several new laws go into effect in Illinois in 2010. It is common for the police to cut drivers a “Bit-of-Slack” for the first few weeks, but now that we are into the first week of April, expect strict enforcement of Illinois’s new driving laws.Urban Insurance, wants to remind drivers that the new Illinois text messaging law goes into effect on January 1st, 2010. As a person that is addicted to ...
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What is an “SR22 Filing”?

Urban Insurance has specialized in writing SR-22 policies for the past 4 decades. SR22 is actually the name of the form used by insurance companies to notify the state that an insured has the required insurance coverage. People will sometime refer this car insurance as SR-22, or FR Filing or sometimes as just "Filing" insurance. While insurance is mandatory in Illinois, most drivers are not requir...
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New Drunk Driving Law

by Larry Lubell New Drunk Driving New law As of 01/01/09  those found Guilty of DUI must install a breath-testing device in their car. Governor Rod Blagojevich signed Legislation that cracks down on drunk drivers, and aims to prevent those convicted of DUI from even being able to start their car before passing blood alcohol level test. The new law was the result of a joint effort...
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