Palcohol, Powdered Alcohol

By Larry Lubell  ChicagoThe Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau approved seven new version of Palcohol this week, including Margarita and Cosmopolitan. In case you're like me and had never heard of this product until today, it's alcohol in powder form. Consider, that each day, an average of 30 people die in motor vehicle accidents involving an alcohol-impaired driver. The math works out to...
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Stopped for DUI ?

Do you have a pending Hearing in Traffic Court?If you have been stopped for DUI or DWI, the judge will want to see proof of current Auto Insurance, and verification that have your insurance company has filed the required SR22 form with the State Of Illinois. Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) or Driving Under the Influence (DUI) are serious violations which can result in you loosing your lic...
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“Friends don’t let jackasses drink and drive.”

I always found  Roger Ebert's film reviews to be informative and insightful, even when I disagreed with his assessment. But his Tweet, in response to the story that TMZ broke concerning Ryan Dunn ("Jackass" film star) and unidentified passenger had died in a car accident after a night of drinking, was perhaps his most accurate review to date. # "Friends don't let jackasses drink and drive." Yes...
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Should All Cars Come Equipped with Breathalyzers?

According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2004, 16,694 people were killed in alcohol-related crashes. With statistics like that, it is easy to see why state legislators are getting calls to mandate equipping cars with breathalyzers and ignition interlock devices. An ignition interlock device is a sophisticated system that tests a driver's breath to de...
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3 DUI Violations in 3 Days

Some people just never learn. That clearly was the case for Jo A. Trilling who was arrested for drunken driving three times in three days . According to The Sheboygan Press, the 60-year-old woman had been on vacation in Wisconsin at the time of all three arrests. The first time was after an officer saw her driving her car out of a ditch. You would think that after being caught driving with a bl...
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New Drunk Driving Law

by Larry Lubell New Drunk Driving New law As of 01/01/09  those found Guilty of DUI must install a breath-testing device in their car. Governor Rod Blagojevich signed Legislation that cracks down on drunk drivers, and aims to prevent those convicted of DUI from even being able to start their car before passing blood alcohol level test. The new law was the result of a joint effort...
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Can you explain the MADD DUI Law?

From their August 24, 2008 Press Release: Jesse White and MADD's Innovative DUI Legislation Signed Into Law Legislation that cracks down on drunk drivers was signed into law today by Governor Rod Blagojevich. The new law is the result of joint efforts among Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), Secretary of State Jesse White, and the legislation»s sponsors: Senator John Cullerton (D-Chicago) an...
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