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Using a Tow Truck to Make a Car Fly

Using a Tow Truck to Make a Car Fly.Even before Roswell introduced the world to the term flying saucers, we were told our future would be one where flying cars whisked us around town. When "The Jetsons" premiered in 1962 nobody was surprised that George Jetson's commute to his office did not involve roads. Despite the predictions and phantasies, our vehicles have remained on the ground. A 21-...
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5 Ways To Save Money On Tow Truck Insurance Costs

Tow truck insurance falls under the category of commercial insurance. Commercial insurance can be one of the largest single expenses for any tow truck company. The cost of Tow Truck Insurance  varies greatly. We often can find our customers rates that are less tan half of what they are currently paying. Following the below recommendations will help you save money on rates.  1. Require dri...
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Insurance Requirements for Tow Trucks

Towing information, insurance requirements for tow trucksWhen your searching for Insurance for your Tow Truck, Turn to Urban Insurance. We have been a dependable source for Towing Insurance since 1961. No matter if you tow disabled autos, do reprocession or relocation work, or repair customer's cars, Urban can get you the coverage your business needs. We understand the requirements that the Se...
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Towing Insurance from Stonegate

Tow Truck InsuranceUrban Insurance Agency has been saving customers on their insurance needs for over 50 years. We have been doing this by constantly maintaining contracts with a multitude of companies that we believe provide our customers the coverage they need at the lowest prices. I spend time each month reviewing our list of carriers, as well as searching for new companies worth adding to...
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Commercial Trucking Terms and Info

We have compiled a list of insurance terms and their definitions that will be very helpful in researching precisely the type of coverage’s you will need to properly insure your trucking business. The number and types of exposures in a commercial venture far exceed those of a personal policy. ACTUAL CASH VALUE A form of insurance that pays damages equal to the replacement value of damaged pro...
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