Chicago Car theft

6 Ways to avoid being a victim of auto theft.

We depend on cars to get us to work or to school. Our cars take us to the doctor, carry our groceries, our tools; they are what we rely on to run the thousand errands that make up our daily lives. So we can all imagine the shock going outside and finding an empty spot where your car was parked. Unfortunately this is all too common an occurrence in Chicago. In 2010, there were 34,246 auto thefts...
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Car thefts surge 22% in Chicago

I have  worked at Urban Insurance Agency for more than 25 years. As an agency that specializes in  auto insurance, I have seen a direct pattern between economic "Hard Times" and a surge in auto thefts. While the Bank closings and collapse of the “Sub-Prime” markets never brought us to the depths of the “Depression,” there is a sense that the “New-Normal” is dreary at best.  Yes, we have improved g...
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