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4th of July Hours

In observance of The Fourth of July holiday,our office doors will be closed on Monday, July 5th.Please remember our system is accessible 24 hours a dayat     Looking to Save on Car Insurance in Chicago? Get a FREE Online Rate Quote in under 5 Minutes Just enter your Zip Code then click Next.Urban Insurance Agency has been hel...
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How to Compare Car Insurance Rates

How to Compare Car Insurance RatesWith the average price of a new car hitting $40,107, along with the skyrocketing expense of medical care; the cost of insurance claims are at record highs. Last year auto insurance companies paid out $184,669,308 dollars in claims. Comparing car insurance rates is essential to combating this rise and keeping your costs as low as possible. Things to look for w...
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Save on Car Insurance

Close your eyes, think hard about a gift you would be excited to receive. Now open your eyes- raise your hands if your fantasy present was auto insurance. I understand, there are things you want to buy, and things you need to buy; which makes an even greater reason to save on car insurance.1. Check your options: The rate on car insurance can vary greatly from company to company, and the one th...
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New State Law: “The Electronic Car Insurance Verification Law”

Effective 08/30/2019, The Electronic Car Insurance Verification Law will require all companies writing auto insurance in Illinois to provide daily reports to the Secretary of State updating them on all policies started, and any policy that has been cancelled. Companies will send their data, electronically, to the Illinois Verification System (ILIVS), there all insurance will be matched against the...
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Merchant Circle Is Proud to list Urban Insurance Agency as a Top Merchant

Merchant Circle Is Proud to list Urban Insurance Agency as a Top Merchant.Urban is a Chicago insurance agency with over 58 years of experience, and an A+ rating at the Better Business Bureau.As a part of the community Urban Insurance Agency understands the insurance laws and requirements of Illinois,and has options to provide the policies you need.Which is why we find that Urban Insurance ...
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What to do after a car accident?

Accidents happen to even the best drivers; so you should take the following steps after a car accident? When a car accident does occur, it's important to remain calm, collect the needed information and make a timely report. The first thing to do after a car accident is to gain your composure. Job one is to assess if anyone in your vehicle is hurt, if so immediately call 911. Clearly the ne...
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Auto Insurance Discounts

Nobody jumps for joy when it's time for them to pay for car insurance, all the more reason to make sure your agent is finding you all the auto insurance discounts offered.Our Online Quote Rater will quickly provide you with a low cost car insurance rate, and it will apply discounts you might qualify for based on your answers to the questions. Keep in mind, whether you obtain an online quote, or ...
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Speed Kills.

There is always risk while driving, but speed kills.Car accidents can cost you money even if your are properly insured, they can be financially devastating if you failed to have the proper car insurance. Aside from the monetary loss, a crash can leave lives permanently altered, or worse. Over 35,000 people die each year in auto accidents on America's roads. It might be difficult to imagine th...
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Does my Car Insurance automatically transfer to a Rental car?

A common question I am asked is, "Does my Car Insurance automatically transfer to a Rental car?" There are two basic types of coverage, Liability and Physical Damage. Liability covers you against damage you do to other people's cars, property and or Personal Injury.and yes your liability transfers to a rental car and no additional cost. Physical Damage, often called "Full Coverage,"...
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Urban Insurance Is Moving

Effective October 3rd Urban Insurance AgencyWill be moving our offices. Our new location and contact information is: Urban Insurance Agency  800 West Huron Street Suite #301 Chicago, Illinois 60642312-664-8088 / 800-680-0707 Urban Insurance Is MovingPlease visit us at our new space starting October 3rd 2015 While office has moved, you will continue to find all of the friendl...
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