Overnight Winter Parking Ban in Chicago.

Chicagoans know to be on the lookout for signs stating No Parking when snow is over 2”but many drivers miss the signs declaring the Overnight Winter Parking Ban in Chicago.  The department of Streets and Sanitation, who are tasked with keeping our streets clear, posted this notice reminding residents of the new law. Since most Chicagoans are not fortunate enough of having a garage, or ...
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Home and Auto Insurance Rates and Climate

  Chicago began 2019 with record-setting cold, and July brought days with a heat index over 100 degrees. In 2020 we have seen Death Valley hitting 130 degrees, a large "firenado" in California, an increase in the number of tropical storms, record loss of ice sheets, and rising sea levels. All across the world we are witnessing an increase in extreme weather, and insurance companies recogn...
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What to do after a car accident?

Accidents happen to even the best drivers; so you should take the following steps after a car accident? When a car accident does occur, it's important to remain calm, collect the needed information and make a timely report. The first thing to do after a car accident is to gain your composure. Job one is to assess if anyone in your vehicle is hurt, if so immediately call 911. Clearly the ne...
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800 North Wells Building

Urban Insurance has been operating out of our new location at 800 West Huron Street suite 301 / Chicago, il 60642 for 4 months. since leaving the 800 North Wells Building. Just yesterday they began the demolition on our previous home. While we have been in business for more than 55 years, we were located in that particular building on Wells st for more than a dozen years- I must say I’m sorry to s...
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River North Chicago

Chicago is a city made up of neighborhoods, each with their own history and ever changing demographics. As immigrants made the city home, they tended to congregate for comfort and support, each new wave reshaping the neighborhoods . German shops slowing giving way to Polish restaurants, that in turn find a new identity with each new group entering and enriching Chicago. "River North" has a sim...
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Bloomingdale Trail

Should we take a month-long rafting trip down the Amazon, or trekking up to the top of Everest, these were two options from a list of potential adventures my son, (Lane) and I compiled. With him starting at Northwestern in a few weeks, it seemed a milestone that called out for some great journey- An opportunity to test our fortitude, combat fear and bond as father and son. Our minds filled with ...
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Chicago Firsts; A History of Chicago’s contributions

Chicago is often called the "Second City," except by those that live in Los Angeles who are quick to remind us that their population has exceeded ours. By the numbers, Chicago's population comes in at 2,695,598 where LA now tops out at 3,792,621. Chicagoans often had a problem with the idea of being second to New York but we accepted it, with grace, however watching LA's population climb higher th...
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Boot for Late Utility Payments in Chicago?

While the Stock Markets might be at all-time-highs, most Chicago residents are struggling to keep afloat in a sea of bills and debt. For so many paying bills is a juggling act that would impress even circus performers. Miss your rent payment, and you can find your stuff out on the street, fall behind on a car payment, and your vehicle will be hooked up to the back of a tow truck on a return tr...
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Chicago School Strike 2012

Update Strike Ends Chicago schools on Wednesday were once again filled with students. Update Day 5the Associated Press is reporting that a Wisconsin judge has struck down the state law championed by Gov. Scott Walker that effectively ended collective bargaining rights for most public workers. This will clearly be seen as good news to teacher unions in Chicago, Lake Forest, Illinois as...
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