Car Insurance Rates

Home and Auto Insurance Rates and Climate

  Chicago began 2019 with record-setting cold, and July brought days with a heat index over 100 degrees. In 2020 we have seen Death Valley hitting 130 degrees, a large "firenado" in California, an increase in the number of tropical storms, record loss of ice sheets, and rising sea levels. All across the world we are witnessing an increase in extreme weather, and insurance companies recogn...
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How much does car insurance cost?

No one wants to over-pay for their policy: so how much does car insurance cost?Urban has car insurance plans that start for as little as $35. How much car insurance insurance will cost you, is based on the insurance company calculating the likelihood of you having a claim, and how much will they have to pay if it happens. Insurance companies collect data about every claim so as to be able to ...
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Average Car Insurance Rates in Illinois

With billions of dollars spent on car insurance advertisements each year, it is interesting to see where the average cost of auto insurance in Illinois ranks compared to other states. The amount of money insurance companies charge is, or at least should be, tied to the costs they experience in each state. Based on that, one might expect to find a clear pattern, for example states with harsh winter...
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“Why does my insurance cost more than my friends?”

Over the 50 years that Urban Insurance has been selling Insurance in Chicago, the single most frequent question we are asked is “Why does the cost of insurance vary so much from one person to the next?  The second most common question is “Which Company has the cheapest rates”? I will tie these two questions together because require a brief understanding of the factors that determine the cost any i...
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3 Ways we’ve simplified shopping for Car Insurance.

While no one loves shopping for insurance, Urban has made the process quicker and easier than ever before. By utilizing the newest technologies, we have streamlined the process of getting multiple competitive quotes in real-time with just a fraction of the number of questions that other companies require. Whether you choose to use our “Online Rater,” Mobile application or call and speak direct...
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How do traffic tickets affect my rates?

The short answer is "The more tickets you have, the more you pay for car insurance. However, your MVR (Motor Vehicle Report) is only one factor impacting the rate of your insurance. All insurance rates, no matter what type, are based on three basic factors, Fixed costs, the amount of a potential loss, and the likelihood a loss will occur. The fixed costs are the amount it costs to produc...
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