Why is gas so expensive in Chicago?

America has largely achieved the right to claim energy independence, since our energy exports have surpassed net imports; so why is gas so expensive in Chicago?Yes, that is a "7" in the picture, we have gotten to a point where Chicago stations are charging $7.29 for a gallon of gas; granted, few people use that grade of fuel, but even Regular is $6.59. At that rate a delivery van will use  $100 ...
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The Cost of Windshield Replacement

Why Your Windshield is So Expensive:Visit pretty much any car dealership in 2020, and more than likely you’ll notice that every new vehicle on the lot comes with at least one driver assistance feature built in. The features may go by different names, but they include things such as a rear view camera to help with parking, or adaptive cruise control that automatically adjusts your speed for you d...
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Years

We at Urban Insurance Agency, want to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and hope that 2021 is a healthy and happy year.For Christmas HolidayWe will close on December 24th at 2:00 pm and then reopen December 26th at 8:30 am.For New Years HolidayWe will close on December 31st at 2:00 pm and then reopen January 2nd at 8:30 am. We understand that the past year has been fi...
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Chicago Auto Show

Chicago Auto Show I have missed the Chicago Auto Show only a handful of years since my parents first brought me at the age of seven. I in turn have taken my son at least 18 of his 23 years. The auto show is one of those events that lends itself to family traditions. As I walked the floor, it was heartwarming to see the large number of parents doing their best to keep up with children, excitingl...
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Insurance payments during Government Shutdown

America has now entered into the longest Government Shutdown in our history. With over 800,00 government workers not receiving paychecks, most with families, that sudden loss of income will effect millions of Americans. At Urban Insurance Agency we will do our best to work with our customers who are federal employees, not being paid, by dropping late-charges on Insurance payments during government...
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How much does car insurance cost?

No one wants to over-pay for their policy: so how much does car insurance cost?Urban has car insurance plans that start for as little as $35. How much car insurance insurance will cost you, is based on the insurance company calculating the likelihood of you having a claim, and how much will they have to pay if it happens. Insurance companies collect data about every claim so as to be able to ...
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Auto Insurance Discounts

Nobody jumps for joy when it's time for them to pay for car insurance, all the more reason to make sure your agent is finding you all the auto insurance discounts offered.Our Online Quote Rater will quickly provide you with a low cost car insurance rate, and it will apply discounts you might qualify for based on your answers to the questions. Keep in mind, whether you obtain an online quote, or ...
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2017 J.D. Power Auto Insurance Study

No one wants to over pay for their auto insurance, and so consumers are rightfully concerned when they read that the 2017 J.D. Power Auto Insurance Study shows rates going up all across America. Based on J.D. Power's newest study 26% of car owners saw their auto insurance rates increase. On the positive side, the study found, "overall satisfaction with car insurance has improved" Chicago has se...
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Fake Car Insurance policies

Avoid being the next victim of fake car insurance policies Watch out for scammers selling fake auto insurance policies. (iStockPhoto) PrintEmailBy Karin Price Mueller | NJ Advance Media for NJ.com  0 Reddit A car stops suddenly in front of you, you hit your brakes, hear t...
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Insurance for Medicar Plates.

Looking for Insurance for Medicar Plates?If you operate a Nonemergency Transportation company (Medicar), then you know that your MC plates come due on June 30th. You also know that the police will be out looking for any Medicar driving on expired plates. The limits of liability required are set at $250,000/$250,000/$50,000 in the state of Illinois. Without an Accord certificate of insurance pr...
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