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Electronic Automobile Insurance Verification Program

New Insurance Law: The Electronic Automobile Insurance Verification Program is in effect.The Illinois Secretary of State, Jesse White, is launching a new program called the "Electronic Automobile Insurance Verification Program," in an effort to crack down on uninsured motorists.Insurance has been mandatory in Illinois since Jan. 1, 1990, but there has always been a percentage of car-owners who...
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New State Law: “The Electronic Car Insurance Verification Law”

Effective 08/30/2019, The Electronic Car Insurance Verification Law will require all companies writing auto insurance in Illinois to provide daily reports to the Secretary of State updating them on all policies started, and any policy that has been cancelled. Companies will send their data, electronically, to the Illinois Verification System (ILIVS), there all insurance will be matched against the...
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How much does car insurance cost?

No one wants to over-pay for their policy: so how much does car insurance cost?Urban has car insurance plans that start for as little as $35. How much car insurance insurance will cost you, is based on the insurance company calculating the likelihood of you having a claim, and how much will they have to pay if it happens. Insurance companies collect data about every claim so as to be able to ...
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2017 J.D. Power Auto Insurance Study

No one wants to over pay for their auto insurance, and so consumers are rightfully concerned when they read that the 2017 J.D. Power Auto Insurance Study shows rates going up all across America. Based on J.D. Power's newest study 26% of car owners saw their auto insurance rates increase. On the positive side, the study found, "overall satisfaction with car insurance has improved" Chicago has se...
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Online Auto Insurance Quotes, We protect your information

Every day we read about consumers who have had their privacy compromised. The ease and convenience of working online is too great to avoid, but going on line requires you avoid sites that don't make a strong effort to protect your important data. This is most critical when you are submitting information into a website. Urban Insurance’s website is protected by use of 128-bit encryption and SSL pro...
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What Does a SR22 Insurance Cover?

What Does a SR22 Cover?Simply put, an SR22 is not a “Type of insurance” but rather the name of the form used by insurance companies to notify the state that you have met their requirement for liability insurance. SR22 insurance is just the same as regular Car Insurance coverage, except that it provides a certificate to the Illinois Department of Motor Vehicles that you have a policy of at l...
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Fake Car Insurance policies

Avoid being the next victim of fake car insurance policies Watch out for scammers selling fake auto insurance policies. (iStockPhoto) PrintEmailBy Karin Price Mueller | NJ Advance Media for  0 Reddit A car stops suddenly in front of you, you hit your brakes, hear t...
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What is Non Owner car insurance?

"Non Owner" or "Non Owned Automobile Insurance" is  often thought of as liability insurance for those that do not own a car. I feel an obligation to warn all those that call asking for this type of coverage that not all cars you drive but do not own are covered. Insurance companies make a distinction for any car that you are a "Regular and or Customary driver". Non-Owners insurance covers a dri...
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SR22 Information for Illinois

SR22 Insurance Information for Illinois A lot of confusion and misinformation seems to surround the SR22 requirements in Illinois. In this article, I will break it down and explain the points that often cause the most questions. Simply put, an SR-22 is a form (provided by your car insurance company) that verifies you have met Illinois's state requirement for auto liability insurance. ...
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